Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to VEGA'S MEXICAN HACIENDA DECOR. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Jorge A. Vega and I'm a third generation Vega in a family business that my grandfather got started in 1939. My sister Eva and I are continuing in our family's tradition of custom designing furniture, importing Mexican home decor, and collecting great works of art from master artisans through out Mexico.

Growing up in this business we got to experience Mexico as most tourist do, even though we are Mexican. Being born and raised in the United States had a way of Americanizing my very Mexican culture. So when we went on our family buying trips to Mexico, we experienced a Mexico and culture that was so very different then the one we grew up in.

As a boy, Mexico was an exotic vacation destination. The colors of their building were vibrant and playful, full of life and entertaining to see. Their food similar yet slightly different than the food I grew up with at home; it was a bit more colorful, richer in flavor, and incredibly addictive. The whole experience was just so entertaining that I had no idea my parents were working.

What I thought was a vacation was actually a buying trip for my parents. We would travel throughout Mexico, visiting with friends that were other merchants and vendors and artisans that would sell their goods to my parents to sell in their store. I would play with their kids while my parents "talked shop" with their friends. While visiting these places I got to go to all these workshops where I would see glassblowers, and potters, and painters, and jewelers, and tinsmiths, and carpenters making all these items that we would later sell in our store, and I was amazed by the whole experience.

I really did not know it then, but I would love that part of Mexico so much that I really can't imagine not doing what I do now. I really can't speak for my sister, but I'm sure she feels the same way. When she and I talk about design and what we love to see or create we always go back to the most simple ideas we remember from our trips into Mexico. I sincerely do love that Mexico well always surprise me with what "she" does in decoration.

So this blog will be all about the beautiful designs and decor we have experience in Mexico, and I hope to be able to share with you all on a regular basis. Thank you for your attention.

- Jorge A. Vega